About us

Daily Dreama is a community based blogs for inspiring stories. For sure you know the situation when you sit together with friends , and one story follows the next and while you’re listening to them, you already regret that you won’t be able to recall all of them. This made us think about a platform, where we would collect not only our stories, but also the stories from our friends.

This is Daily Dreama. One story each day and a very special one in the Sunday issue. We’ll write about inspiring people, projects and products. As this is a community based blog, feel free to contribute your inspiring stories. Just drop us a line to hello@dailydreama.com or apply as a regular contributor to the site.

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Daily Dreama Team

Manuel Gruber
Philip Klemm
Georg Csarmann
Sandra Reichl
Tjandra Mayerhold
David Stöckl